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Suffering from a receding hairline was embarrassing

“Being a woman and suffering from a receding hairline was embarrassing to say the least that I didn’t even want to talk about it to my daughter. I did however talk to a good friend of mine who had heard about Debbie through a friend of hers. Contacting Debbie was the best thing I ever did. The best thing was that she came to my home at a time that was convenient to me. The next thing was that I felt totally comfortable with her. Suffering from Alopecia herself she totally understood how I felt and her warm personality made me totally relax. Debbie discussed various options with me and we decided that the best thing for me was to have an integrated replacement hairpiece made that could be glued into place at the front of my hairline. She made a template of the missing section of hair and then cut a very small sample of my own hair to make sure that she got a complete colour match. She then had the replacement hairpiece made and came back several weeks later to ensure that this was a perfect fit and colour match. I cannot tell you how much this has transformed my life.  It’s so easy to glue into place, I can wash, and style my hair as often as I always have, leaving the section of hair glued into place. I can remove it to clean and replace the glue at my own leisure and in the privacy of my own home. The best thing is that no one apart from my husband and friend know that it’s there, not even my daughter. The confidence it has given me is immeasurable and I no longer fear going out in the wind and rain.”

Shirley, Sheffield

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