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Wig for Hair Loss due to Chemotherapy treatment

“I was Debbie’s first client back in 2001 when I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. Following the first couple of sessions of Chemotherapy and the unsuccessful use of the cold cap I started to lose my hair. This was so distressing and Debbie was there for me all the way. She supported me and understood how I was feeling. We went along to a Wig shop together, which was really stressful and I left the shop in tears due to their lack of understanding and empathy! Debbie helped me, she fitted me with a wonderful short bob wig in a beautiful auburn colour. She showed me how to use false eyelashes as mine had fallen out. She made me feel and look fabulous and my self-confidence grew despite the treatment I was going through. Lot’s of people commented how lovely my hair was most of them didn’t realise it was a wig! I can highly recommend Debbie to anyone who has problems with hair loss, she listens and supports you as well as giving practical advice and making you feel special.”

Alison, Leeds

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